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Casino Night Q&A – Las Vegas Theme Party

Casino Questions & Answers

This will answer most of your “Casino Night” questions. If you have any other questions, please call or email Blue Moon Entertainment today. E-mail:

Q:What does it cost to host a Las Vegas Style casino party for my next event?
A: Please visit our Casino Night pricing page to find out.

Q: How many tables should we consider having for our event?
A: You should consider that at least 70% of your guests will play:

Blackjack Table: 6 players, 1 dealer: $ 195 each


REGULAR Texas Hold Em’ / Poker Table : 8 players, 1 dealer: $ 195 each                    *** ADVANCED TexasHold Em’ / Poker Table (below) :                                                            9 players, 1 dealer: $ 225 each


Roulette Table (single): 8 to 10 players, 1 dealer: $ 275 each


Double-Roulette: 10 to 16 players, 2 dealers: $450                                    This is a Standing Game

IMG_3128 2

10ft. Craps Table: 10 to 15 players, 2 dealers: $ 475 each. This is a Standing Game


Slot Machines: 1 player per slot; $ 150 each                                                    This is a Sitting or Standing Game


Other Tables:                                                                                                                   Let-it-Ride: 6 players, 1 dealer: $ 195 each.  Pai Gow: 6 players, 1 dealer: $ 195 each, Color Wheel: up to 12 players, 1 dealer: $ 250 each. KENO: unlimited players, 1 announcer: $ 300 each
***Client must have facility provide chairs for all seated gaming  tables and be sure to add / count in a chair for your dealer (all are sit down tables except for Craps & Roulette).

Q: Which tables do you recommend?
A: You want at least 1 Large Craps, 1 Roulette, 1 or more Texas Hold Ems’, maybe 1 Let It Ride and as many Blackjacks as possible. Blackjack is the most popular by far. Slots machines are colorful and play the Casino tunes you hear in Vegas. Only one person can play at a time but it’s a huge added attraction as well as a big favorite for ladies.

Q: Do we truly need a Cashier?
A: Not really but if you do decide to have one for the night, then this allows you (the host) plenty of “one-on-one greeting time” for your guests as they begin to arrive. The Cashier will then pass out the play money and answer any questions they have.

Q: How long do we get to play Casino?
A: There is a 3 hour minimum. Over time is available for an extra charge if needed. 99% of our Casino parties are 3 hours long.

Q: How do we start playing?
A: Our cashier (or you) can hand out our “$5000 Play Money Bill” to each guest as they arrive. The guests will then take their “play-money bill(s)” to their favorite game and the dealer will trade them casino chips for their play money bill(s).

Q: Then what?
A: Players continue to play until the “last hand of the night” is announced. Players then turn in their chips to the dealers who in turn, will give each player a double sided raffle ticket (we provide) for every $5000 of play money earnings. Players will then go to the prize table and put one of their raffle tickets (or more) in the fish bowl for prize drawings.

Q: Who makes the announcements throughout the evening?
A: We highly recommend hiring one of our DJ’s for music and announcements. The music is not played loud. It’s the affect on the atmosphere that is important. The DJ can announce everything including helping with announcing the door prizes at the end of the night.

Q: Door prizes?
A: You should have door prizes for the end of the night raffle drawing. 6 to 12 gifts are a good amount of gifts to give away.

Q: What are the prices for a Blue Moon Disc Jockey?
A: Jan thru Nov: -4- hr. minimum is $ 500  OT: $125 per hr               Dec: -4- hr. minimum is $ 750 OT: $ 175 per hr.

John Garcia DJ at Blue Moon Entertainment
John Garcia DJ at Blue Moon Entertainment

Q: Any other ideas?
A: Yes! A very successful added idea is to have one of our Fortune Tellers at your party. You will have a ton of compliments if you have one at your event. They are very entertaining as you will see a line all night long with your guests waiting to visit our Fortune Teller! 2 hr. min. @ $250.00. OT = $100.00 per hr.

Q: Any more ideas?
A: A Caricaturist ($150 per hr) that draws carton-like pictures of your guests to take home. Having a Photo Booth a real big right now as well as having “Flip Books” for your guests to take home. Having our Elvis Impersonator is always a huge hit…even if he is there to just “stroll” and pose for photos!


Q: How about our Searchlights?

Well, that’s pretty much it. You just had a fun party! Everybody
has a great time pretending they were in Vegas!!!
Please feel free to call us if you may have any questions or you can
E-mail Blue Moon Entertianment –

Casino – Las Vegas Theme Parties

Casino / Vegas Theme Party


Casino Gaming Tables are offered for -3- consecutive hours. (-4- table minimum)

Casino, 3 hrs, includes dealers, chips, play money & raffle tickets

  • Blackjack tables (each) $ 195

  • Red “High-Roller” Blackjack $ 225

  • 10ft. Craps tables (each) $ 475

  • Roulette tables (each) $ 275

  • Double Roulette tables (each) $ 450

  • Regular TX Hold Em’ / Poker (each) $ 195

  • Advanced TX Hold Em’ / Poker (ea.) $ 225

  • Slot Machines (each) $ 150

  • Let It Ride tables (each) $ 195

  • Pai Gow  $ 195

  • Color Wheel  $ 250

  • KENO Game $ 250

  • Cashier (each) $ 125.00

  • Strolling Elvis or Vegas Showgirls (call)

  • Set-Up Fee: From $ 200 to $ 500

  • Please have facility provide chairs for seated gaming tables.
  • Travel fee for outside Corpus Christi area……$______.

The above entertainment requires a 20% non-refundable deposit and is subject to availability. Please call or e-mail BME and contracts will be forwarded to you. Thank you for considering Blue Moon for your event(s).   E-Mail:

For other questions involved with Casio Theme Parties visit our question & answer page.

Contact Blue Moon Entertainment at 361-855-8863 to book a Las Vegas Style Casino Party.


Danny Lee – Elvis Impersonator

This is the ‘young’ Elvis. Handsome, sexy, the works!

Elvis Inpersonatior
Elvis Impersonator

Once you see him, you’ll have to rub your eyes, that’s how close he looks to the King! His voice is remarkable and local night clubs are really keeping this guy busy!  Please call for out-of-town/state rates. (8×10 available.)

Elvis Impersonator Danny Lee

Elvis impersonator – Corpus Christi, Texas

Casino Party Disc Jockey Theme Party

Casino Party Disc Jockey

for Las Vegas Casino Game Parties


This DJ will play background music as your guests begin to arrive. Announcements are welcomed as the games begin. Music throughout your event can really spice-up the party, nothing really “heavy,” but just enough to fill the atmosphere to match your theme. From casual to formal attire, our DJ’s will also announce the “last hand” of the evening as your party winds down. -4- Hrs: $500

Contact Blue Moon for more information on Casino Themed parties. Call 361-855-8863